Packing Tape {Incourage Post}

Friends, I’m so honored to be writing for (In)courage today.  (In)courage is a ministry dedicated to meeting women right where they are, with the hope and love of Jesus.

This post is about clinging to Him through times of change, through times of fear and excitement and doubt:

“My family has moved eight times in the last ten years. I have pursued more passions, more hobbies, more career ideas than any one person should. I know the fear that comes with letting go and beginning again, and the excitement. I know that my own heart is fickle when adventure is in the air. I know that even my feelings about change… change. My feelings about change are like a flimsy piece of Scotch tape that will never hold a moving box together.

But I’ve also learned that when the world spins fast around me, one thing never changes: The love of the One who made me.”

To see the full post, click here to go to (In)courage.  Wow, what a crazy blessing.  To be spinning words that maybe, just maybe, might help share the hope we have in Jesus.

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Thank you, friends.  Let’s remember to cling to Him through the changes {and the mundane, right?} in our day today.


In His Love,