Martha The Peach Tree

Any tired mama hearts out there?  This one’s for you. I’ll start by sharing with you that ours is a super-creative household.  My little loves wear swim goggles to the breakfast table, pajamas to the grocery store (a hill I decided not to die on), and ballet tutus to bed. We have a stuffed turtle … [Read more…]

To Free A Captive (On Forgiveness)

Forgiveness can be hard.  The One who gave it best had to bleed, bruised, on a Cross to do it. Forgiveness can be beautiful.  It can restore broken bridges, heal shipwrecked marriages, bring prodigals home. Forgiveness can be messy.  Though we have the best of intentions, it may not immediately and perfectly bring reconciliation to our … [Read more…]

The Gap-Filler

Ever had a draining day… a wearing week… a month of longings? I have a feeling that most of you reading are women in your grown-up years, like me.  We might be surrounded by friends or family, or coworkers or fellow students, daily. But that doesn’t mean we won’t feel a Gap every now and … [Read more…]

Horseflies And Big Fat Lies

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” (Phil. 4:8). Bzzzzzzz… Bzzz… BUZZZZZZZZZ… If you’re not familiar with horseflies, let me introduce you briefly.  They are much bigger, much more persistent, and much harder to get rid of, than regular flies.  And that summer … [Read more…]

The Smallest (Biggest) Gift

“Do small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa Have you heard the saying, “Men are like waffles, and women are like spaghetti”?  It refers to the psyche… the waffle-brain being organized, compartmentalized, and the spaghetti-brain with more flow, where everything is connected.  It’s a popular saying… but I’m not buying it. You see, my husband … [Read more…]

Two Minutes Late

In honor of Mother’s Day coming, and with thanks to my children, I’d like to share this story: Thank you, dear ones.  Thank you for slowing me down. Thank you for making me a mommy.  Thank you for making me notice wildflowers and lonely souls.  Thank you for making me not care if we’re two … [Read more…]

The Messy Gift

My daughter loves gifts. She loves to receive gifts and she loves to give gifts.  She treasures small trinkets and dreams of dramatic surprises.  She remembers who got her that art kit last year and she recalls the teddy bear she picked out for her cousin’s birth. She also loves to make a game out … [Read more…]

The Night I Stopped Praying For Myself

“There is no fear in love.  But perfect love drives out fear…” (1 John 4:18). “Oh Lord, help me,” I whispered into the night.  “I feel like such a failure… I’m so afraid I’ll screw this up… help me be a better mom… help me be a better wife… help me…” I sat rocking Little … [Read more…]

What To Do About Yelling, Part 2

Just when we think we’ve learned something, an opportunity appears to hold us accountable, doesn’t it?  Our weekend brought with it fun and frustrations, snuggles and sibling rivalries, hopeful plans and uncertainties.  And this mama needed more than ever to be reminded of the following truths. When well-meaning parents feel provoked to yell at our … [Read more…]

What To Do About Yelling, Part 1

We’ve been warned.  We’ve heard what it can do to our children’s sense of security.  We’ve read the blog posts and books that explain the long-term effects.  At this point, most well-meaning mothers want to avoid yelling at our kids. But a wise person once told me, “it’s not enough to know what not to … [Read more…]