Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter, We think we have to work, to earn, to be worthy But your worth doesn’t lie in what the world can see. No, dear sister, your worth doesn’t lie In the size of your hips Or the shade of your eyes Or the words of those Who blame, and shame, and criticize. When … [Read more…]

When Worries Fall Down Like Flour On The Kitchen Floor

Once upon a time there was a soon-to-be young mother.  Wife to the man of her dreams, hardworking nurse, dedicated Christian… she thought she had it all together.  If you were an innocent observer, you would’ve thought so too. But if you’d walked by that black sports car in the parking lot of the doctor’s … [Read more…]


Soak in His love. What a refreshing resolution, what a lovely invitation, what a comforting “word for the year.” Soak. For once, it’s not a thing to do or a goal to check off or how much better I can be.  It’s an understanding of what’s already been done.  A remembering of His great love.  … [Read more…]

Love-Note Stockings

Looking for a way to save a few dollars this year?  And make a lasting impression on your loved ones? This year, my family is trying something new. It doesn’t make a mess. It doesn’t cost a dime. It won’t keep us up late Christmas Eve night with exasperating instructions. It’s small enough that it’s … [Read more…]

Trust on November 7th (A Leader Worth Following)

The Servant King, the Servant King He came to lay it down for you, for me His voice is like fire, His words bring peace So when our fears Ring in our ears There is no better leader than the Servant King.   Some Days come knocking on our door and we just want to … [Read more…]

You Are Not Your Past

The hope of a brighter future begins with five simple words: You are not your past. No matter where we’ve been, or what we’ve seen… today, we get to choose who we will be. There was a time when I stared at an ultrasound photo, knowing the kind of mother I wanted to be, but … [Read more…]

When The Sun Gets Happy And Rises

“Mama, I think when you say something good, the sun gets happy and rises.” My kids have been known to say some pretty profound stuff.  But this one took my breath away. I was lost in thought while my six year-old was coloring.  My artistic girl, the one who draws and leaves cards and notes … [Read more…]

1500 Miles — And The One Thing You Can Always Find (On Moving)

It was different, it was lonely at first.  But eventually it became Home. It’s the place where we brought our baby boy home from the hospital; taught my oldest daughter to read and tried to teach her to ride a bike; watched our younger girl bloom into a social butterfly. It’s the place where we  … [Read more…]

To Free A Captive (On Forgiveness)

Forgiveness can be hard.  The One who gave it best had to bleed, bruised, on a Cross to do it. Forgiveness can be beautiful.  It can restore broken bridges, heal shipwrecked marriages, bring prodigals home. Forgiveness can be messy.  Though we have the best of intentions, it may not immediately and perfectly bring reconciliation to our … [Read more…]

The Gap-Filler

Ever had a draining day… a wearing week… a month of longings? I have a feeling that most of you reading are women in your grown-up years, like me.  We might be surrounded by friends or family, or coworkers or fellow students, daily. But that doesn’t mean we won’t feel a Gap every now and … [Read more…]