She Is She And I Am Me

Do you remember learning in high school Biology that no two fingerprints are alike? Our God took so much care in creating us that He made sure even that tiny detail would be unique.  He did the same with snowflakes, leopard prints, and butterfly wings. And yet we try to cram ourselves into man-made boxes … [Read more…]

Perfect Love

The house is dark and quiet and I finally have a minute to think as I trudge up the stairs with the oversized laundry basket in my arms.  We barely fit through the narrow stairway.  Shuffle shuffle.  Three-point turn around the corner.  Squeeeeeak.  Open the baby gate at the top of the stairs.  And as … [Read more…]

When He Lost His Glasses And I Heard His Heart

I was donning my scrubs, looking for work shoes, trying to find some pins to put my hair up.  Baby Girl was in the next room napping, but soon to wake up.  My husband, getting ready to watch her while I went to my shift, was rapidly sorting through piles in our bedroom. “Have you … [Read more…]

Waiting For Eggs And God

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!!”  She tugged on my shirt as she jumped up and down.  “Mommy, I need the eggs!  I can’t wait to paint the eggs!” Her excitement tickled me.  Can you believe I have a six year-old and this is the first year I bought one of those little kits to dye eggs … [Read more…]

On Saturdays We Paint Nails (For When You Feel Like a Failure)

Today was supposed to be a fun day.  We were supposed to bake cookies, and paint our nails, and FaceTime with a friend.  I was supposed to be the Fun Mom, the Laughing Mom, the Playing Games Mom. But today I ran on fumes.  The baby’s teething and hasn’t let me sleep more than a … [Read more…]